Global female robotics nonprofit plants roots in San Antonio

Are you ready to witness an inspiring story of women’s empowerment in the world of robotics? Well, get ready because we are about to introduce you to a groundbreaking nonprofit that’s making waves in San Antonio! This organization is all about bridging the gender gap and creating opportunities for women in STEM fields. With their innovative approach, they are changing lives and breaking stereotypes one robot at a time. So, let’s dive into this exciting journey together and discover how this global female robotics nonprofit is planting roots right here in San Antonio!

What is a nonprofit robotics organization?

RoboGirlz is a nonprofit robotics organization that helps girls gain the confidence and skills they need to succeed in STEM fields. The organization was founded in 2011 by Dr. Andrea Thomaz, a professor at the University of Texas at Austin, and her husband, Dr. Bart Thomaz, a roboticist at Texas A&M University.

The couple started the organization after they realized that there were very few girls participating in their university’s robotics competitions. They wanted to give girls the opportunity to learn about robotics and compete against other teams from around the world.

Today, RoboGirlz has grown into a global organization with over 1,000 members in 30 countries. The organization offers online courses, competition opportunities, and mentorship programs to help girls succeed in STEM fields.

What does the organization do?

The nonprofit organization, Girls Robotics, exposes young girls to the field of robotics through workshops and classes. The organization was founded in San Antonio, Texas by a group of mothers who wanted to give their daughters the opportunity to learn about and be exposed to robotics. The organization has since grown and now offers programs in various cities across the United States.

Girls Robotics provides hands-on learning experiences that teach participants how to build and program robots. Through these activities, girls not only gain an understanding of STEM concepts but also build confidence and teamwork skills. The organization believes that by engaging girls in robotics at a young age, they will be more likely to pursue careers in STEM fields when they enter college and the workforce.

Why did they choose to plant roots in San Antonio?

The founders of the nonprofit chose to plant roots in San Antonio for a variety of reasons. The city has a strong and growing community of engineers, entrepreneurs, and makers, which provides the perfect environment for the organization to thrive. Additionally, the city is home to a number of universities and colleges, which gives the nonprofit access to a wealth of talent and resources. Finally, San Antonio is located in a region that is rich in culture and history, which provides a unique perspective on the global robotics landscape.

How will this affect the robotics community in San Antonio?

The opening of a global female robotics nonprofit in San Antonio will have a significant impact on the robotics community here. The nonprofit, called Femmebot, is focused on empowering women and girls in STEM fields through education and mentorship. This is a much-needed addition to the robotics community in San Antonio, which has been male-dominated for too long.

Femmebot will offer classes and workshops on programming and robotics to women of all ages. They will also mentor young girls who are interested in careers in STEM. This is an important step in getting more women involved in robotics and making sure that they have the same opportunities as men.

The presence of Femmebot will also be a boon to local businesses. The nonprofit plans to partner with companies in the area to provide internships and job opportunities for its members. This will help to create a more diverse workforce and make San Antonio an even more attractive place to do business.


San Antonio is now home to the first U.S. chapter of Global Female Robotics, a nonprofit that seeks to bridge the gender gap in robotics and technology by providing girls with access to resources for learning about science, engineering, and coding concepts. With this new chapter, San Antonio is setting an example for other cities around the world by embracing diversity and encouraging young women to pursue careers in STEM fields. We hope that this effort will continue to grow as we work towards a future where everyone has equal access to education and opportunities in tech-related industries regardless of gender identity or background.

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